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“Dr Beavers is quite excellent! She is quick, efficient and is very knowledgeable. Clear explanations and sharing preventative ways on how to ease your pains are common during visits. Her staff is very accommodating and it is easy to call and make an appointment. If you have any chiropractic needs, I urge you to make an appointment with Dr Beavers as soon as possible.” – Grace H.


“Dr. Beavers treated me through all three of my pregnancies. Her and her staff are always professional and helpful. She was able to help decrease my lower back pain through treatment, massage, and exercise. Her office is like a spa, chiropractor and physical therapist in one. Denise (who does the massages) is better than any therapist at Burke Williams and you get the whole hour! They were able to help me avoid a painful inversion procedure by helping me move my baby naturally. They are an awesome bunch of women!” – Jennifer J.


“Dr. Lopez has always helped my chronic neck and back pain. Each time I see her, I get instant and immediate relief. I highly recommend making an appointment with her if you have any aches or pains.” – Joe W.


“I’ve been treated by Dr. Beavers since my daughter was an infant in late 2000. Dr. Beavers has been able to effectively treat all of my back pain and other injuries and pains over the years. I had tried all sorts of other treatments and pills and nothing was and has been as effective as Dr. Beavers treatment. I trust her competence and integrity implicitly. Her staff is also as high quality and caring as she is. There are not words to express how greatful I am for her care and knowledge all these years. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Heidi T.


“Dr. Beavers is a true professional. She has helped me with therapy on my knee and it is working wonders. I highly recommend her.” – Dave S.


“Dr. Beavers is amazing! The staff is welcoming, pleasant and a pleasure to see every time I visit. Thirty years of back pain has significantly dissipated as a direct result of constant therapeutic treatment by Dr. Beavers. Dr. Beavers offers more treatment modalities than space permits. Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation and ask about private yoga and/or pilates which is available in the office in Dr. Beaver’s private yoga / pilates studio…..I real treat. This is not your typical Chiropractic office, rather a complete wellness center.” – Bill S.


“Dr. Beavers really is AMAZING! I agree with Bill S. Initially I came to Dr Beavers after a car accident. There is not enough space here to list the ways Dr Beaver’s skills have enriched my life. Decreasing pain, educating me on preventative measures….etc etc. Over the years I have sent MANY co-workers and clients to her, and have always received glowing reports of both their results and Dr. Beavers. You will be in good hands!” – Susan W.


“Tyra Beavers is great! I hurt my back last year and she was able to see me immediately, was close by and took my health insurance. Total win-win! She really knows what she’s doing and takes the time to listen to your concerns and give you exercises to practice at home. I was feeling better immediately and really needed only a few visits. The office is a busy practice, but she was always able to make time for me. She’s a really hard working DC.” – Melissa A.


“Magic hands!” Dr. B’s chiropractic hands are the best among the multiple chiropractors I’ve had. I am in complete comfort and trust when she handles my body especially the neck. Just take a deep breath then release. Dr. B’s staff makes sure that I’m always comfortable and they always follow-up with me. I go in broken and come out fixed! I love it!” – Jan-Michael A.


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