Sciatica Treatment with our Beverly Hills Chiropractor

Some chronic pain syndromes can sneak up on you for no apparent reason — and to add insult to injury, they may register symptoms in a different part of the body than their origin point. This is the case with the annoying and often debilitating syndrome known as sciatica. Those symptoms you’re experiencing in your buttock, leg or foot may actually be stemming from nerve compression in your lower spinal column.

Fortunately, either Beverly Hills chiropractor at Chiro-Integrative Health Center can help you overcome this challenge through natural, non-surgical treatment.

Understanding Sciatic Nerve Root Impingement

The sciatic nerve is a big nerve — and that means it can cause big problems when it becomes inflamed, impinged, or irritated. This nerve runs all the way through the buttock and down the back of the leg, feeding nerve impulses to all the subsidiary nerves in that extremity. The sciatic nerves connect to the spinal cord through several nerve roots in the lumbar and sacral spine. If any structure presses against these nerve roots, at least some of the signals to sciatica will be blocked or scrambled. This causes the symptoms of sciatica. In addition to low back pain, you may experience pains, tingling feelings, loss of sensation, or muscle control problems anywhere in your buttock, leg or foot.

While sciatica may occur as a side effect of an acute injury that leaves you with herniated discs or spinal dislocations, it may also seem to appear for no reason at all, especially as you approach middle age. The underlying cause may be bulging discs that protrude onto the sciatic nerve roots or alter your spinal alignment. Chronic poor posture, obesity, congenital imbalances, and weak muscles can also contribute.

Our Chiropractic Solutions Can Resolve Your Symptoms

Chiropractic care can help you get rid of nagging, recurring case of sciatica. We can normalize your spinal alignment through chiropractic adjustments and orthotics so your sciatic nerve roots are free to do their job properly. Exercise programs such as yoga or Pilates can help you strengthen your core muscles to keep your alignment in good order. We can even combine these strategies with integrative nutritional services to help you lose extra weight and make lifestyle choices that support a healthier spine.

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