Insulin Resistance


A pancreatic hormone that helps transform food into glucose for cellular energy, insulin is also involved in the development of diabetes if insufficient insulin amounts cannot convert food to glucose. Unlike diabetes, insulin resistance (prediabetes) is not considered a disease but a metabolic disorder involving abnormal responses to insulin by cells. For various reasons, cells become resistant to insulin, forcing the pancreas to release more insulin to stabilize blood glucose levels. Consequences of untreated insulin resistance include obesity, high blood pressure, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Your integrative health provider and chiropractor in Beverly Hills can diagnose and treat insulin resistance with comprehensive health coaching, exercise, and personalized nutritional programs.

How is Insulin Resistance Diagnosed?

Evaluating your plasma glucose level or fasting insulin level through blood tests are the standard methods of diagnosing insulin resistance. Other tests may be necessary to correctly distinguish insulin resistance from other possible disorders. Your Beverly Hills chiropractor will also ask about your diet, how much physical activity you get and if anyone in your family has diabetes or prediabetes.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Weight gain and cravings for high-carb, sugary foods are classic signs of possible insulin resistance. Other symptoms include:

  • Elevated fasting blood sugar levels
  • Acne outbreaks (a growth factor associated with insulin increases testosterone and facial sensitivity to testosterone)
  • Hair loss
  • Skin tags
  • Gout
  • Dark patches of skin called acanthosis nigricans
  • Swollen ankle(insulin resistance interferes with kidney functioning)

Insulin resistance may cause other symptoms not listed. The only way to accurately diagnose insulin resistance is to have your blood tested at our Beverly Hills health center.

Treating Insulin Resistance

After assessing your general health and symptom severity, your chiropractor in Beverly Hills will develop a personalized insulin resistance treatment plan involving dietary changes, integration of special exercises into your daily activities and health coaching to keep you inspired and motivated to adhere to your program. Dr. Beavers also offers Pilates, yoga and stress-relieving massage therapy to complement your insulin resistance plan. In addition to restoring normal cellular response to insulin, Dr. Beaver’s whole body and wellness practice provide chiropractic treatments designed to enhance all aspects of your physical and emotional well-being.

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